I stretch between the comfort of knowing where life is headed, and the exciting fear of not being able to.
I also hope to be known and admired one day, and to be asked for an autograph by a child.

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The jibes you slip
with distaste
match the faux
on your face;
Words seem picked
with great care
But underneath
your cold glare

I care not, as it’s been
Too long
the ‘unseen’;
You were dear, but before
and again recently
Once more

Then your intentions tore through
I was convenient
for you
Old fondness- I fell prey
But no more
Not today

That ‘Once’ is the last.

You are truly
and now Only,
the Past.

(Source: annalisalikespickles)

Rise (&)

If we lived together,
every morning I’d be greeted by you.

On my cheeks
Kiss, smile,
kiss, smile.

On my nose
Kiss, smile,
chuckle a little.

On my forehead
Kiss, stare,
grin with affection.

On my lips
My face, held.

Your mouth turned upwards.
Eyes brighter than dawn ever was.

When we live together
by you, I’d be blessed with every morning.


In a complex metal box I steer not
the roads but my thoughts,
A conditioned cold stings my face
and my wet cheeks are blown dry.
Dry, I think I’ve become
I diminish
and question too often.

The hows and the whys,
the banging on the door.
My strangled, hid cries
my hands scratched too sore.

(Source: annalisalikespickles)